Friday, January 16, 2009

Sea Glass

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of a real treasure hunter. Once discarded trash is now collected and transformed into beautiful jewelry by metal smith, Monica Branstrom. Sea Glass. It's true! The coast was once a dumping place for refuse, but over time man saw the error of his way and cleaned it up. Some of what remained was broken glass. Time, sand and saltwater of the Pacific smoothed the rough edges and formed beautiful shapes of all colors and sizes. Please enjoy Monica's site which is dedicated to showcasing her unique, hand-crafted jewelry.


  1. I love the portrait! It looks nice and soft with good lines. Almost blown out but not, you still see the detail. great gauge of exposure.

    The top one is a great photo, just wonder if it is lacking contrast or something.

  2. Thanks, Troy! I did make a few changes, as you pointed out, and made an adjustment to the white balance which was a little on the warm side. Appreciate the comment!


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