Monday, January 19, 2009

Old Mans

This photo is from a well-worn lifeguard tower that once overlooked the classic surfing break, "Old Mans" of San Onofre. Now it sits on a parking lot far above the beach it used to guard. Yellow tape drapes from its corners to caution us, I am sure, of this recently evicted tenant's displeasure. Much history has passed under its watchful eye, including my own. My first session was during the winter of 2005 when the water was a chilling 57 degrees and a constant pulse of waves hammered the very willpower of my desire. I confess I more or less crawled up the beach nearly drowned with exhaustion, but I wanted to go back. I needed to go back. Floating on the surface of the deep, faced with an immense, borderless horizon, hoping that a set will rise. It is striking, really. I am certain the tower remembers.

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  1. Great shot buddy! I really like the color and it's pretty sharp!
    I think it's framable. My favorite thing is how the caution tape is straight across the bottom and the no alcohol is perspective and then when your eye gets to old mans, its even more perspective.. cool lines even with the rusty bolt holes.


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