Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Millenium Park Fountain :: Chicago, IL

On this particular day, July 22, 2006, we all gathered in Chicago, IL to celebrate the year in which we were all in our twenties. It has always been a somewhat difficult task for all four of my siblings and I to gather in the same location. Life has a history of taking us in different directions. I am hoping for a pause. I hope that we can pause long enough to reacquaint ourselves with one another and live life side by side. Even if just for a while. Kristen and I will be moving to Wisconsin, in May, to do just that; to live with family we usually travel so far to see, to reacquaint ourselves with people we love.
This decision we have made comes with great excitement and wonder, but leaving those we have come to know and love has produced some of the most sobering moments we have known. To life and all of its adventures.

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